The transformative power of IoT for a sustainable future

Date: Wednesday 24 May 2023 | Time: 16:00 CEST

Moderated by:

Jan P. Hatje, IoT specialist, Oaklins

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolutionizes production and processes by enhancing efficiency. Crucially IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions empower us to pinpoint, quantify, and address environmental challenges. In this webinar, we'll explore the potential of IoT solutions to drive the transition towards a more sustainable world, while discussing relevant transactions and valuation drivers.

Over the past few years, the IoT landscape has experienced an exponential growth in connected devices, with estimates showing they skyrocketed from 12.5 billion in 2010 to a staggering 26 to 75 billion by 2020. The IoT has transitioned from an emerging technology to an integral component of our daily lives, having a profound impact on industries including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and retail. This transformation is evident in the robust M&A market, driven by consolidation and the acquisition of intellectual property and technology. Of particular significance is the increasing relevance of IoT in fostering a cleaner, more sustainable world, as we grapple with the pressing issue of climate change. In our webinar, we will engage in conversations with industry leaders and investors, delving into their experiences and insights on the future of IoT. JAN P. HATJE, IOT SPECIALIST, OAKLINS 

Please join our webinar to learn more about current market dynamics including M&A priorities and investment opportunities in the IoT sector.


Gain insights from these distinguished experts as they discuss the rapidly evolving IoT landscape:

3 andreas heckmann lichtbild2 white
Andreas Heckmann Göttingen, Germany
Co-founder and CEO, Agvolution GmbH

Andreas Heckmann, the co-founder and CEO of Agvolution GmbH, is passionate about advancing resource-efficient agriculture through innovative technology. Raised on a family farm in Germany, Andreas cultivated a deep connection to the agricultural sector. He studied Crop Science and Agribusiness at the University of Göttingen and gained practical experience as an agronomist and sales consultant in agriculture. Motivated by his commitment to sustainable farming practices, Andreas co-founded Agvolution GmbH, where he now serves as the CEO.

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Dr. Marc Gille Schwalbach am Taunus, Germany

Dr. Marc Gille, founder and CEO of THING TECHNOLOGIES, father of the Thing-it product and serial entrepreneur. Until 2016, he was SVP Product Management at SunGard / FIS, where Marc was responsible for the company's technology and strategy for integration and business process management. Previously, Marc Gille founded the BPM company CARNOT in 2000, led it as CEO and sold it to the American company SunGard / FIS in 2006. The CARNOT Process Engine for the Infinity Process Platform is used by many banks and other financial service providers via SunGard / FIS products. He regularly publishes in trade magazines and books on building digitization topics and teaches on this topic as a private lecturer at the TH Aschaffenburg.

Karsten ries navitas kvadrat white
Karsten Ries North Jutland, Denmark
CEO at Develco Products A/S

Karsten Ries, a seasoned business executive boasting over 18 years of experience in the technology sector, currently serves as the CEO of Develco Products A/S. This innovative company specializes in smart home solutions, energy management and IoT applications. Since joining Develco Products A/S in 2014, Karsten has been instrumental in guiding the company's strategic direction and driving its growth, particularly since taking the helm as CEO in 2021.


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Jan P. Hatje Hamburg, Germany
Managing Partner
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Jan P. Hatje leads Oaklins’ IoT team and is a managing partner at Oaklins Germany. Jan has a strong network in this industry and is in regular contact with the key players. As part of his sector focus, he continuously follows developments, publishes newsletters and attends the major events. He has advised a number of clients either on M&A or on strategic development. He has a deep understanding of the market dynamics and value drivers regarding smart devices, connectivity, big data and intelligent solutions. Notable transactions Jan has completed include Garz & Fricke, vyzVoice and Höft & Wessel (now Almex).

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