Insights for a solid future in an ever-changing landscape

As we step into the new year, we reflect back on a Q4 2023 that was filled with challenges and opportunities, reshaping the landscape for mid-sized family businesses and corporate M&A teams. This edition of Oaklins quarterly highlights captures the collective wisdom and proactive strategies that enable leaders like you to not just anticipate change but also adeptly navigate it in your favor.

In the last quarter of 2023, we zeroed in on the transformative power of diversity within M&A, the resilient strategies in distribution, and the revolutionary impact of AI in healthcare and life sciences. With each thought leadership piece, we strive to offer not just information but actionable knowledge that stands strong against the tides of uncertainty.

As we head into 2024, we're committed to guiding you through these transitions. Let us equip you with the insights and foresight to lead with assurance and make decisions that foster courageous growth.

Global insights and webinars

Oaklins’ commitment to interconnecting its professionals

INTERVIEW: Oaklins' staff exchange program offers junior and mid-level professionals the opportunity to develop and enhance relationships of trust and experience Oaklins' global strength firsthand.

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We believe that the foundation of exceptional client service is built on relationships of trust. While our senior advisors frequently interact and forge bonds with international colleagues, we want to offer the same valuable exposure to our junior and mid-level professionals. Our staff exchange program is tailored to ensure that they not only connect with peers across borders but also experience the power of Oaklins. By fostering these early-stage global connections, we're nurturing the next generation to seamlessly leverage our global resources for outstanding client results. JUAN PABLO BAYTER, PRESIDENT, OAKLINS

INSIGHTS: M&A advisory for the access control & security industry

Oaklins is your trusted M&A advisor for transactions within the access control & security industry With numerous years of experience, we have established ourselves as seasoned professionals in facilitating the acquisition and divestiture of businesses operating in the access control & security sector. Our position as a leading M&A advisor in this industry underscores our expertise. We provide tailored advisory services for succession planning, divestitures, acquisitions, and growth financing in the access control & security industry.

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INSIGHTS: Market Update | October 2023

Current trends, reviews and transcations The global pandemic led to a steep increase in the consumption of goods via the internet. As the pandemic subsides, this special development is normalizing, and consumers are once again spending more time and money on offline experiences, e.g., such as visiting bars, cafés and shopping malls, but also on travel.

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INSIGHTS: IM&C Report | October 2023

The global technological evolution heavily relies on highly sophisticated and increasingly complex components. Why we see continuous demand for established players in this segment We are pleased to provide you with the latest edition of our Industrial Machinery & Components (IM&C) Industry Report.

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Our Brazilian offices rising above the gender gap in M&A

INTERVIEW: In the male-dominated world of M&A, Oaklins Brazil stands out with a compelling tale of diversity. Dive into this article to discover the journeys of its female leaders, revealing the strength that diversity brings to the M&A realm.

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LOGISTICS: From disruptions to decisions: charting a course for distribution

WEBINAR RECORDING: Expert speakers Don Wiggins and Martin S. Harrell discuss strategies to navigate the dynamic world of distribution.

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In today’s distribution sector, adaptability is the name of the game. As the industry navigates the changing currents of demand, technology, sustainability and supply chain disruptions, operators who embrace innovation and efficiency will be the industry leaders of tomorrow. DON WIGGINS, DISTRIBUTION SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

TMT: Harnessing the power of AI for healthcare and life sciences

AI SPOT ON: Our recent webinar honed in on the potential that AI has within healthcare and life sciences, key global sectors that will affect all of us at some point in our lives.

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Global deal highlights


move UP Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsmanagement mbH, an innovative provider of holistic corporate health management solutions, has been acquired by Acture B.V., a leader in welfare management. This acquisition represents a major step in Acture’s plans to expand into the German corporate health management sector.

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ENERGY: Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG has acquired WESTFA Energy GmbH

Mabanaft GmbH & Co. KG, a prominent energy company based in Hamburg, has recently agreed to acquire WESTFA Energy GmbH, including its subsidiaries and shareholdings, from Adeleon Familienholding GmbH.

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DEAL NEWS: The shareholders of Seniovo GmbH have sold the company to HORNBACH Baumarkt AG.
Oaklins’ team in Germany acted as the exclusive advisor to the shareholders and the management of Seniovo in the preparation of the sale process and due diligence, the approach and negotiations with the preferred buyer, and assisted them until closing.

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DEAL NEWS: The Zevener family-owned company LISEGA SE will be acquired by 100% by the Bremen-based BUHLMANN Rohr-Fittings-Stahlhandel GmbH + Co. KG (BUHLMANN Group) by the end of 2023. Oaklins Germany initiated and supported the transaction as part of an exclusive sales mandate.

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CONSUMER & RETAIL: Iconic Australian brand White King finds new home

DEAL FLASH: Pental Limited (ASX:PTL) has divested its consumer products business to Selleys, a division of DuluxGroup Australia. Oaklins provided comprehensive support to the board and senior management at every stage of the sale process.

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PRIVATE EQUITY I TMT: Boosting the future success of a leading provider in engagement marketing

DEAL FLASH: Oaklins’ team in Switzerland acted as the exclusive sell-side advisor to the shareholders of Capture Media Group and helped them find the ideal partner to achieve their envisaged international growth faster.

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CONSUMER & RETAIL I PRIVATE EQUITY: Expanding expertise in the French paint production and distribution sector

DEAL FLASH: The founders of Groupe Actéo (Théolaur Peintures) have opened capital to GENEO Capital Entrepreneur and Bpifrance. Oaklins’ team in France organized a competitive capital opening process with a selection of private equity funds.

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PRIVATE EQUITY I TMT: Benelux data & AI consulting firm secures private equity investment to accelerate growth

DEAL FLASH: Xomnia, a leading consultancy organization specializing in data science, data engineering and artificial intelligence services, has attracted investor Foreman Capital. Oaklins helped find this new partner for Xomnia that shares the same entrepreneurial core values, to take the company to the next phase and broaden its exciting opportunities.

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BSS I CES I PRIVATE EQUITY: Leading Danish security specialist has been acquired by Garda Sikring/EMK Capital

DEAL FLASH: KIBO Security Group, a Danish full-service security specialist, has been sold to Garda Sikring/EMK Capital. Oaklins provided expert guidance and support and played a crucial role throughout the process.

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HVAC: New acquisition strengthens position in North American HVAC market

Oaklins Evelyn Partners, based in the UK, supported Citizens Capital Markets as sell-side advisor to HCP in this transaction. Given our HVAC sector leadership, we were able to assist in the sale of HCP and, as part of that role, we positioned the opportunity to Smiths Group plc.

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