Knowledge is an anchor in volatile times

The pandemic, Brexit, the change of president in the US, and ramped-up climate change discussions are just a few of the many pivotal events that made 2020 a rollercoaster year filled with shock, uncertainty and transformation. This shook the foundations of what we consider “normal” and made the outlook of our economies volatile. Despite all of this, overall views on the economy continue to improve and more and more economies are recovering.

However, now is not the time to be complacent, so we need to address modus operandi that no longer work and keep focusing on building more resilient, innovative, climate-friendly and inclusive companies.


M&A and finding the right source of funding can play a significant role in accelerating recovery. Unconventional alliances, surrounding yourself with the right people and agile thinking helps your company stay ahead of the curve (and competition) in an era of perpetual unpredictability.


If you are a business owner or CEO looking for additional support, we have the professional resources to enable you to position your company for growth.


Today, we want to share with you how we have collaborated closely — across borders, teams, industries and markets — to help entrepreneurs and companies get a grip on the current situation and reach their full potential.

Global deal highlights

CONSUMER & RETAIL I Accelerating growth in the European motorcycle accessories market

Oaklins’ team in Germany supported the shareholders of Paaschburg & Wunderlich GmbH throughout the sale process as exclusive M&A advisor. In an internationally-structured and competitive sale process tailored to the wishes of the sellers, Bihr prevailed as the optimal strategic partner. Oaklins’ team in Belgium facilitated communication with the buyer. Read more.

BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES I Integrating sustainable solutions in the fire safety market

Unica, a Dutch technical service provider, has acquired Fire Safety Holding B.V., the parent company of Gerco and Applicom. Oaklins’ team in the Netherlands acted as the exclusive M&A advisor to Unica in this transaction. Read more.

TMT I A strengthened position in the profitable and fast-growing cloud solutions market

Oaklins’ team in Spain acted as the exclusive M&A advisor to the shareholder of Nubalia. Oaklins’ team in France identified Devoteam as a suitable candidate and made the introduction to Oaklins in Spain, who managed to maintain deal momentum by effectively addressing and managing the impact of COVID-19 on the sale process, which eventually resulted in a successful closing. Read more.

CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING SERVICES I Joining forces in the growing construction and infrastructure market

Oaklins’ team in Israel acted as the sole advisor to the shareholders of Margal Systems in this transaction. The team’s extensive experience in accompanying private companies, together with its in-depth knowledge and relationships with various players in the Israeli market, ensured a successful outcome. Read more.

CONSUMER & RETAIL I Oui Care ready to accelerate its development in France and abroad

Oaklins’ team in France acted as financial advisor to Oui Care in this transaction. The team has supported the company’s growth for more than 10 years and was able to finalize a complex hybrid financing process combining equity and debt, and to bring on board key players, all in a market context deeply affected by the health crisis. Read more.

FOOD & BEVERAGE I Succession at one of the largest independent table fruit and potato traders

Oaklins’ team in Switzerland supported the owners of Capricorn Holding AG during the entire sale process as exclusive M&A advisors. This included the preparation of the sale documents, the identification and approach of potential buyers, the supervision of the buy-side due diligence, as well as negotiations with several parties and support up to the signing and closing of the transaction. Read more.

BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES I Strengthening position in the profitable and fast-growing cleanroom market

Oaklins’ team in Belgium acted as the exclusive M&A advisor to the shareholders of Scaldis. The team’s knowledge and insights led to a quick identification of the top European consolidators who were looking to expand their reach in the Belgian market and strengthen their position in the profitable and fast-growing cleanroom market. Read more.

AUTOMOTIVE I Global technology leader for fuel cell turbo compressors

Oaklins’ team in Switzerland supported the owners and the management of FISCHER during the entire sale process as exclusive M&A advisor. This included preparing the sale documents, identifying and approaching potential buyers, supervising the buy-side due diligence, as well as negotiating with several parties and giving support up to the signing and closing of the transaction. Read more.

INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY & COMPONENTS I A global giant’s milestone step in China’s low-voltage electrical components sector

Oaklins’ team in Shanghai assisted the seller through a structured sale process, from the multiple phases of bidding, to valuation, and finally to SPA negotiations and closing. The team also led the vendor due diligence and facilitated and assisted in the legal and financial aspects of the transaction. Read more.

PRIVATE EQUITY I French producer of synthetic paper seizes international opportunity

Oaklins’ team in France supported the shareholders of Arjobex Group in the financing of the acquisition of MDV Group. In a highly-competitive process, the team was able to pool all its expertise and identify the best financial partner in less than four months. Read more.

Global insights publications

CONSUMER & RETAIL I The impact of e-commerce on the packaging and print industries

PACKAGING REPORT: Packaging and print are two sectors that have undergone rapid evolution in response to this change in retail habits, and our latest, wide-ranging report on those industries, prepared by one of our Oaklins’ teams in the USA, delves into the significance of this development. Read more.

Voice from China

QUARTERLY UPDATE ON THE M&A MARKET IN CHINA: China’s economy is bouncing back strongly from the pandemic, showing double-digit growth in Q1 2021, while M&A activity grew by 23.1% year-on-year. Angela Chen, principal at Oaklins HFG China, examines the trends in the LV electrical components sector and the M&A activity from recent months. Read more.

Global insights events and articles

AGRICULTURE I An appetite for M&A and investments in the agriculture sector

WEBINAR RECORDING: Listen to our panel as they share insights on opportunities and challenges entrepreneur-led firms in North America, South America, Europe, and North Africa are encountering as they pursue growth opportunities across the supply chain. Read more.

HEALTHCARE I PRIVATE EQUITY I Compounding pharmacies, a prescription for M&A

ARTICLE: Due to its high growth and non-cyclical nature, drug compounding is an attractive market from an M&A perspective. Read more.

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