Triple deal creates the leading French IP law firm

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Ipside Group, Santarelli and Brevalex, three major French industrial property (IP) firms, have merged and created Santarelli Group, the leading French IP consulting firm. This represents the largest consolidation in the French IP advisory market, with 8,000 clients, 300 people and revenues close to US$90m.

The combination of the three firms will allow Santarelli Group to offer best-in-class services to customers around the world and the critical size to address the challenges of a rapidly evolving market.

The Oaklins team successfully advised me in 2016 on Ipside’s previous capital structuring transaction. Knowing their ability to carry out complex processes in a very short timeframe, I naturally called on their expertise for this operation. Our mutual trust created the right conditions for this project. CHRISTOPHE CORNUEJOLS, CHAIRMAN, SANTARELLI GROUP, FRANCE

Oaklins played a major role in facilitating this deal

Oaklins’ team in France acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Ipside’s shareholders, led by Chairman Christophe Cornuejols. This included negotiating with the shareholders of Santarelli and Brevalex about the merger, finding a new PE firm willing to replace the existing one, as well as the right lenders to finance these multiple transactions. The team structured and executed a process to address these challenges, leading to a successful transaction within four months.

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