Challenges ahead after a positive start to 2022

Monthly deal activity I January and February 2022

By all measures, 2021 was a historic year for middle-market M&A. This level of activity confirms that M&A plays a vital role in helping companies grow and evolve despite challenging circumstances, and that independent M&A advice based on deep sector knowledge can deliver great results.


2022 has got off to a good start for Oaklins with 36 closed transactions in January and February of which 34 were M&A deals and two were fundraising deals. On top of that, we saw a big increase in cross-border deal activity. However, due to recent events in Ukraine, dealmaking in 2022 is suddenly looking a lot more uncertain, particularly in Europe.

Being united, not uniform, is something that comes naturally to us as we collaborate with colleagues from 45 different countries. We believe there is tremendous value in respecting each other’s differences and learning from them. We are committed to supporting our friends and colleagues who are affected by this conflict and we stand for peace.

A selection of deals closed in 2022

In a previous M&A process, we got to know the Oaklins team as a very accurate and reliable partner. Therefore, after a potential buyer showed interest in our own company, we could only think of one advisor to guide this sale. The success of the deal is largely due to the Oaklins deal team, which collaborated well with us and supported us in all our emotions and decisions. A great partner in a deal process. JOHAN VAN SLOOTEN AND WILCO DE VRIES, FOUNDERS, CAMERANU.NL
This is transformational for MailManager. We are really excited to be joining the Ideagen family where we’re confident we’ll go from strength to strength. Good advisors are essential. Ours were great! Thank you to the team for their rock-solid guidance, support and advice. STUART ROWE, CEO, MAILMANAGER LTD.
Operating Helios for the past 30 years, we never considered finding a new home for our great company. Oaklins assisted us throughout the process, demonstrated a solid understanding of and experience with our industry, and was excellent in uncovering and conveying the unique characteristics of Helios in the process. This effort, as well as bringing together the group of stakeholders, has put us in a great position, enabling Helios to operate on a larger scale. With Oaklins, we are confident that we have found the right long-term home for Helios. HENRIK SIVERTSEN AND CARSTEN THUNE, CO-FOUNDERS, HELIOS AUTO APS
From day one, Oaklins has demonstrated a solid understanding of our industry and was excellent in conveying the unique characteristics of our business to potential buyers. This effort put us in the great position of having a number of suitors showing strong interest in the company. With Oaklins’ support, we are convinced that we have found the right long-term home for Fremco. KIM CARLSEN, CEO, FREMCO A/S

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