Sustainable agriculture broadens its appeal

Organic & Sustainable Agriculture Spot On

Organic and sustainable agriculture is riding high thanks to significant population growth and expanding consumer preferences for such food production systems. As a key part of the burgeoning sustainability movement, this market has attracted notable investment and recent M&A activity has grown briskly.


In Africa, sustainable food systems are not just a goal, they’re a necessity in the face of a booming population, increasing urbanization and rising living standards. We put the focus on three countries — Morocco, South Africa and Tanzania — which are continent leaders in exports and growth.


Oaklins tracks firms across the globe in four sub-sectors of this industry, and here we report on publicly traded valuation trends and a selection of listed players, as well as key M&A transactions from the latter part of 2019.


We talk to the three founders of the Swahili Coast Salt Company, which combines the production of gourmet, table, industrial and cosmetic salt in Tanzania with a clear vision for sustainability and community empowerment.

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