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Recent times have seen a boom in the global cannabis market, with legalization of medical cannabis in various countries one of the main drivers of this success. However, rapid growth can bring its own challenges and the second half of 2019 saw a drastic change in the industry as a reality check impacted companies and sub-segments.


Oaklins’ horticulture specialist, Frank de Hek reports on market developments within the cannabis sector, including growth forecasts and new target markets. He also looks at the move by numerous multinationals into this market, as they seek a strong future position in this promising field.

The global cannabis market is growing quickly and has all the ingredients to be a large and sustainable market in the long run. However, excessive growth processes generally don’t come without hurdles. We can see this in the cannabis market, where several companies and sub-segments are in the middle of a reality check. FRANK DE HEK, HORTICULTURE SPECIALIST, OAKLINS, NETHERLANDS

The current landscape of players in both North America and Europe is explored, highlighting how different legislative approaches have created scattered markets in both regions.


In addition, we delve into M&A activity and valuations in the cannabis industry, with a retrospective of recent transactions, an examination of various listed companies, and a look forward to the top M&A trends Oaklins expect to see in the coming years.

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