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The COVID pandemic is shaking the global economy to its core, and the insights industry is no exception. While this US$2.2 billion industry isn’t expecting any improvements soon, it’s not all doom and gloom. Companies offering services aligned with social distancing and working from home, and those who are able to innovate, are seeing a glimmer of hope for the future. Going the extra mile for your clients during this challenging time will also reap rewards later on. The key to success is understanding new consumer behavior, attitudes and requirements, as well as automating systems to reduce the impacts on profits.

If forced to sum up the industry’s great leap forward, we would describe it as a telescoping of the revolution. In other words, we are moving down a long path we’ve been on for a number of years already, but instead of getting there by 2030, we’re now due to arrive in 2022. KEN SONENCLAR

Ken Sonenclar, Oaklins’ insights, data, experiences & analytics specialist gives us his expert opinion on how companies can build new demand in the post-crisis world by developing new channels and cashing in on your imagination. You can grow during a recession and come out a winner.

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