Automotive’s resilience to COVID-19

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Top of automakers’ New Year’s resolutions is rebuilding inventory to meet strong post-lockdown demand. How will companies navigate recovery after production halted globally earlier this year? Oaklins’ automotive OEM supplier specialist Matt Mueller examines the factors likely to lead to an increase in M&A activity.


The automotive industry has demonstrated resiliency and rebounded at an unexpected pace following the global halt in production in April and May. Challenges to a full recovery remain, and we expect there will be an increase in M&A activity through 2021 as suppliers look to optimize scale, efficiency and cost structure. MATTHEW J. MUELLER, AUTOMOTIVE OEM SUPPLIER SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

We also look at the industry’s focus on electric vehicle production. With investors eyeing the meteoric rise of Tesla, do alternative powertrain systems have the market potential to reward them with similar success stories?


In addition we chart performance by segment, using selected public company valuations as well as deal volume and cross-border M&A to keep you up-to-date with industry trends.

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