The cloud forecast: How will IBM’s entry impact the IoT landscape?

Internet of Things (IoT) Spot On

With IBM’s landmark acquisition of Red Hat underlining the importance of open source and hybrid cloud solutions in this dynamic market, Oaklins’ IoT specialist Jan P. Hatje investigates the rationale behind the tech giant’s groundbreaking decision to reach for the clouds.

The acquisition of Red Hat for US$34 billion has highlighted the relevance of open source software and the importance of hybrid cloud solutions in the market. Not for the first time, IBM is undergoing a tremendous change and has repositioned itself in a growing and dynamic market environment. JAN P. HATJE, IoT SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

What opportunities and challenges will hybrid edge computing bring to businesses? Will the split and rebirth of IBM have consequences for the future of IoT? In this Spot On, we take a closer look at the Red Hat–IBM deal to unpack some of the industry’s most topical issues and trends.

In addition, we chart valuations and compare trading results across specific layers to reveal the differences between hardware and software services in 2020 and assess the outlook for the coming months.

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