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Industrial flat glass is enjoying a surge in demand and popularity thanks to its pivotal role in environmentally friendly building design and construction. But it’s not all smooth sailing in the sector, as the panel of our recent webinar on the subject discussed.

Moderated by Oaklins’ glass processing & finishing specialist, Valērija Liege, this dedicated event considered the challenges facing the glass industry in recent times, including inflationary pressures and soaring energy costs.

Since 2018, when I worked on my first glass transaction, the glass industry has had a strong M&A track record, driven in particular by financial investors carrying out a buy-and-build strategy. This interest ramped up the competition and appetite for glass transactions. But in the last few months, with the inflationary background and increasing energy prices, we have heard directly opposing viewpoints in regards to market outlook, investment plans and attitudes in general. In this webinar, we heard directly from industry insiders, and found out where, at least among the participants, the consensus lies. VALĒRIJA LIEĢE, GLASS PROCESSING & FINISHING SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

The experts taking part were Bettina Heuter of Glassglobal Network, Vidur Kapur from Oaklins TM Capital and Ulrich Brahms from Caleoglas, and each brought key insights regarding the way forward for the flat glass market.

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