Full speed ahead — railway rolling stock proves its resilience

Rail Rolling Stock Spot On

Thanks to the ongoing boom in the electrification of rail networks around the world, rail rolling stock is proving resilient in the face of the economic turmoil that’s affecting many other sectors.

Consolidation continues to be a major trend in the rail industry. Driven by increased demand for intermodal transportation and logistics management, rail companies are making acquisitions within their supply chains to provide an integrated service offering. In this active M&A environment, our entrepreneurial roots in the rail industry enable us to be strategic partners and help owners make decisions that maximize the value of their businesses. SÉBASTIEN NADEAU, RAIL ROLLING STOCK SPECIALIST, OAKLINS 

As we report in our latest Spot On, this continuing trend regarding electrified railways and other factors such as the liberalization of railways are together having a positive effect on M&A activity in the industry.

Sébastien Nadeau, Oaklins’ rail rolling stock specialist, takes us through different strategic rationales behind recent transactions, and also compares performance figures for public rail-related manufacturers.

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