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Update on the M&A market in China

As the Year of the Rabbit begins, the outlook for M&A in China looks set to be subject to various factors including the sudden end of the government’s zero-COVID policy and the roadmap for economic growth set out by the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.

We see that multinational corporations with deep roots in China, particularly European manufacturers, are doubling down on their Chinese presence. ANGELA CHEN, PRINCIPAL, OAKLINS, CHINA

As our Shanghai-based principal, Angela Chen, sets out in the latest edition of Voice from China, the impact of this recent National Congress will be felt across businesses and industries – in particular, policies such as internal circulation and dual carbon economy will have an effect on national priorities and governmental support.

The report also considers cross-border M&A, looking in detail at both recent transactions and what the future may bring. In addition, there is a Spotlight feature on the electric vehicle battery sector that includes three related case studies.

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