ODP Completes Three Deals in Data-Driven Decision-Making

Businesses that facilitate data-driven decision-making are in great demand in today’s M&A environment. If you have a company in this industry, please contact us for a confidential discussion about what interest there might be in your business and how much it could sell for.

A film studio uses Helixa to cast its movies; an automotive giant relies on Epicenter to understand its competitive positioning through the eyes of its customers; and Critical Mention’s customers track and analyze reputation globally across all media types, from TV to Twitter.

The companies have far different customer sets. They source and gather their data with different methods. And they generate output in different yet intuitive and rich formats. Nonetheless, all fuel brilliant use cases, driving product development, market positioning, communications strategies, pricing, and other strategic decisions faced by every business.

Even though half of all Americans still rely on their gut to decide what they believe[1], the evidence is overwhelming that data & analytics-driven decisions and not intuition (no matter how much we lionize the intuitive genius) propel savvy organizations far ahead of their competition[2].

Businesses today are more often than not drowning in data. But succeeding as a valued input to corporate decision-making demands that data be accurate, current, ready for analysis and vital. Each of ODP’s clients surpass that hurdle and earned deservedly high reputations, winning strong interest in the M&A marketplace.

Please contact us to learn more about how value is created in data-driven decision-making.


[1] Survey work conducted by Brian Weeks, Department of Communication and Media, University of Michigan.

[2] PwC’s Global Data and Analytics Survey, “Big Decisions™,” Global, base: 1,135 senior executives, May 2016

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