Leading shift scheduling solutions company finds home in POS platform

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Sling Inc., a market-leading SaaS-based employee scheduling, communication and management solutions company, has been sold to Toast Inc., the all-in-one digital technology platform built for restaurants.

Following its launch in 2018, Sling focused on ease of use, intuitive features and best-in-class user experience for shift-based employers and their staffs, and quickly captured a significant market share in the hyper-competitive employee scheduling, communication and management solutions space in North America across several key verticals, including restaurants, hospitality, healthcare and retail operations.

I truly did not fully understand all the effort that goes into selling a company when I started the process, but now I know that it is much harder than actually building one. I truly appreciate your help and I am grateful to have you all on my team to make this happen the best way possible. You guys work miracles!  HELGI HERMANNSSON, CEO, SLING INC., ICELAND

Oaklins assists in finding the right partner

Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips’ TMT team in New York acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Sling Inc. The team built a case to support a bid for the company that exceeded the price/ARR multiple of the buyer by 2.5x, and successfully closed the transaction in an accelerated time frame. Oaklins coordinated and managed over 25 discrete due diligence workstreams with counsel and accounting advisors in the USA, Iceland and Poland.

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