Gathering knowledge to reset for growth

To gain resilience in times of change, one of the most important things is to surround ourselves with knowledgeable and supportive people. At Oaklins, we make the best use of our human capital and this has helped us get back on track despite the uncertainty.


If you are a business owner or CEO looking for additional support, we have the professional resources to help you position your company and reset for growth.


Today, we want to share with you how we – across borders, teams, industries and markets – have collaborated closely, helping entrepreneurs and companies get a grip on the current situation and reach their full potential.

Global deal highlights

CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING SERVICES I Facilitating consolidation in the Nordic DIY market

Oaklins’ team in Norway acted as the exclusive buy-side advisor to Byggmakker/Kesko, leveraging our knowledge and solid track record in the building materials industry. This is the third acquisition Kesko has made in Norway since 2018 in which Oaklins’ building materials team has acted as advisors. Read more.

INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY & COMPONENTS I Becoming a truly global partner

Oaklins’ teams in Stockholm and Cleveland provided optimal advisory support to Nolato throughout a competitive process, helping the client to create a truly global platform for its demanding customer base. Read more.

LOGISTICS I Two closed deals are better than one

Maner Builders Supply Co. (Maner), headquartered in Augusta, GA, has completed two separate but simultaneous transactions. Oaklins’ teams in Jacksonville and Savannah advised Maner Builders Supply Co. and maximized the value of these transactions. Read more.

Global insights publications

CONSUMER & RETAIL I Adapt and evolve in times of crisis

Already under pressure prior to the outbreak, no sector has been more profoundly affected by the COVID-19 contagion than the consumer and retail industries. Five articles, five snapshots of how activity in the industry has ebbed and flowed during the lockdown and which key developments will shape M&A dealmaking going forward. Read more.

CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING SERVICES I The buildtech revolution – Now is the time

BUILDING MATERIALS SPOT ON: While the building industry has historically been slow to adapt to new technology, it is finally starting to turn around and no longer needs to rely on human labor and the number of hours worked. Technological advancements are applicable all along the value chain and are ensuring that this dynamic industry is now able to finish projects on time and within budget. Read more.

INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY & COMPONENTS I Space design and safety regulations drive flat glass market

GLASS PROCESSING & FINISHING SPOT ON: Glass has started to play a greater role in building design thanks to its versatility, and is being used creatively in the current trend for more unusual, individualistic buildings. While the COVID-19 pandemic may have initially affected demand and disrupted the supply chain, it is expected that the market will bounce back once the global economy stabilizes. Read more.

FOOD & BEVERAGE I Stay hungry, stay healthy

HEALTHY FOOD SPOT ON: Healthy food is one of the sectors that has remained resilient and is continuing to battle through the COVID-19 outbreak. Oaklins' healthy food specialist, Paolo Russo, explains his high hopes for M&A in the sector and the exciting opportunities that lay ahead. Read more.

CONSUMER & RETAIL I Fashion players navigate a new world with contemporary attitudes

CONTEMPORARY & ACCESSIBLE FASHION SPOT ON: Oaklins’ specialist Federico Giammarusto examines the coronavirus emergency’s short- and long-term impact on the sector’s M&A decisions. He analyses the challenges presented by emerging trends and recommends actions to convert these into opportunities. Read more.

TMT I Evolution of the Internet of Things – an M&A perspective

IOT SPOT ON: Jan P. Hatje, Oaklins’ IoT specialist, shares his thoughts on the IoT industry, plus we have insightful views from each corner of the globe thanks to our colleagues Kim Harpøth Jespersen, Jonathan Tooth and Frederico Toledo. Read more.

AGRICULTURE I The appeal of eating clean food is stronger than ever

ORGANIC & SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE SPOT ON: Now that food purchasing has changed during the pandemic, what does the future hold for organic & sustainable agriculture? Oaklins’ organic & sustainable agriculture specialist Doug Kravet explains what lies ahead. Read more.

Global insights articles


Event announcement: Pushing Democracy: Insights, Politics & Our Future

Just days before the most crucial election of our time, insights leaders put their industry under the microscope and tell us where we are headed. Join us. Read more.

Event recap: Big Tech, Big Health...Big Deal?

During this webinar, our expert panel unveiled original research and insights into consumer and physician attitudes and then explored and explained the revolution happening right before our eyes. Read more.

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