Chinese innovation in the electrical equipment sector comes to the international market

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The shareholders of Jiangsu Huineng Electric Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Huineng), a leading Chinese low-voltage electrical equipment manufacturer, have sold a 50% equity stake of the company to Eaton Corporation (Eaton), a global giant in the electrical equipment industry, to form a joint venture.

Founded in 2007, Jiangsu Huineng manufactures and markets low-voltage circuit breakers, relays and contactors in China. The company has strong R&D capabilities and leads the market in product innovation. Its products have wide applications and a clear leading market position in the renewable energy sector in China.

The Oaklins team understands our industry and strategic needs. We’re very pleased to have completed this strategic leap forward in our company’s development with Oaklins’ help. CHANGSHENG JIANG, CHAIRMAN, JIANGSU HUINENG ELECTRIC CO., LTD., CHINA

Oaklins played a key role in facilitating this deal

Oaklins’ team in Shanghai acted as the exclusive financial advisor to the shareholders of Jiangsu Huineng in this transaction and assisted with valuation guidance, negotiations, pre-closing restructuring and other closing-related matters.

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