Innovative approaches to value creation key in today's M&A landscape

Deal activity I October 2023

In a landscape that continues to evolve at an unprecedented speed, robust M&A activity remains evident in the mid-market with 19 pivotal transactions successfully concluded this month across a wide spectrum of industries. What’s more, a keen push towards digitalization is clear, with TMT transactions leading the charge. In these predominantly sell-side deals, our focus has been on enabling growth and innovation for family-owned businesses and corporate clients, helping them to secure a stronger position in the marketplace.

As we navigate a complex global business environment, we anticipate corporate restructuring, ESG integration and technological innovation to remain central to M&A trends. Our commitment to our clients' success, which is reflected in our nuanced handling of M&A transactions, ensures that their strategic objectives are met.


From elevating industrial machinery firms to facilitating key strategic moves in financial services, we have supported our clients through critical growth phases. Our international presence is evident in deals sealed from North America to Europe, reflecting the confidence our clients have in us to manage intricate cross-border transactions with a keen eye on their sustained success.


Each completed deal represents a unique journey for the companies involved, and we are proud to share these milestones, driven by the ambition and ingenuity that move our clients ahead.


A selection of deals closed in October

Despite the difficult market environment, Oaklins managed to set up a competitive M&A process and get it over the finish line in a very short period of time. THORSTEN NÄBIG, MANAGING DIRECTOR, SIGO GMBH
Our goal was to find a new partner for Xomnia that shares the same entrepreneurial core values, to bring the company to the next phase and broaden the exciting opportunities for our professionals. By leveraging their extensive industry experience and broad international network, Oaklins enabled us to find that ideal partner. The guidance and result-oriented approach from the Oaklins team has proven exceptionally valuable throughout the entire process. WILLIAM VAN LITH, CO-FOUNDER, XOMNIA
Through its collaborative efforts and dedicated approach, the Oaklins team conveyed the strategic strengths and potential of our business to the pool of interested prospective acquirors, anticipated and handled the challenges throughout the process, and negotiated rewarding terms on our behalf. While the sale process presented unexpected complexities, Oaklins’ support ensured it remained organized and on schedule, ultimately exceeding our initial expectations. MIKKO VEIJOLA, CEO AND CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD, TAITONETTI LTD
The team at Oaklins TM Capital worked incredibly hard to help NOVA get prepared for an M&A transaction and then execute a competitive process. Their knowledge of my industry, relationships with key strategic buyers and investors and hands-on approach to due diligence and documentation helped to engineer an amazing outcome and efficiently navigate a difficult, time-consuming and emotional process. JAY ROSEN, PRESIDENT AND CEO, NOVA COLDSTORE

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