Photo of Angela Chen 

Angela Chen

Managing Partner

Oaklins HFG China

Location: Shanghai, China
Work phone: +86 21 5012 0990


Ms. Angela Chen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Oaklins HFG CHINA.

Ms. Chen's professional banking experience spans over two decades. With her deep experiences in cross-border transactions and her rich understanding in corporate strategies and financing, Ms. Chen led and participated in many cross-border M&A both on the buy-side and sell-side, and assisted Chinese companies go public in Hong Kong, U.S. & European markets. Ms. Chen possesses a particular expertise in the sectors of Consumer & Retail (Fashion, Apparel, Housewares), Food & Beverage, Health Care, and Education.

With her extensive experience and knowledge in cross-border M&A, Ms. Chen published 《The Road of Capital》 as the first author in 2014, which ranked TOP 3 M&A management books in Amazon China and, the two leading national online book sellers at that year. The book contains a great deal of theories and provides tactical guidances to those owners and leaders of middle market business in China on how they engage in overseas acquisitions.

Ms. Chen holds an MBA degree from the University of Chicago.