Photo of Angela Chen 

Angela Chen


Oaklins HFG China

Location: Shanghai, China
Work phone: +86 21 5012 0990


As principal of Oaklins HFG China, Ms. Chen has led her team and closed a large quantity of transactions, including public offerings, private financing as well as cross-border M&A. Ms. Chen possesses a rich understanding of the investment banking industry and private equity investment areas with expertise in strategic planning, financing, M&A and post-acquisition integration of the company thanks to her 20 years’ experience in the capital market.
As the first author, Ms. Chen published The Road of Capital in 2014, which was well renowned and has been continuously ranked the TOP 3 M&A management books in Amazon China and, two leading online book sellers.
Ms. Chen is the co-founder of Oaklins HFG China. Before that she had already been working in investment bank area for several years.
Ms. Chen hosted 2 HFG financial summits, with guests from all over the world including Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Former US presidents, Gordon Brown, former British prime minister and many world-renowned economists, together they discussed global economic trend and Overseas development strategy of Chinese private enterprises.
Ms. Chen holds an MBA degree from University of Chicago.