Photo of Odd Paulsen 

Odd Paulsen


Oaklins Norway

Location: Oslo, Norway
Work phone: +47 906 91 189
Mobile: +47 906 91 189


Odd is one of the founding Partners at Oaklins Norway. He has contributed to a significant portion of the firm’s mandates since it was established in 1992. As a Principal with more than 25 years in the international M&A industry, he has executed a number of cross-border transactions in several industries, such as in oil services, building materials, healthcare, food and beverage, ICT, DIY retail, shipbuilding and furniture. He has also been involved in many restructuring projects and has a strong, high-level network in the Nordic private equity sector. Key clients he has advised lately include Lifco, with four acquisitions involving TMC (marine compressors), Nessco (compressor services), Cenika (electrical equipment) and Fiberworks (fiber technology). He also advised on the sale of PowerTech (fiber infrastructure) to EQT-owned Broadnet, Face2Face (field marketing) to Explore Equity Partners and the acquisitions program for IMS Group (marine equipment).