Photo of João Andrade 

João Andrade


IGC Partners

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
Work phone: +55 11 3815-3533
Mobile: +55 11 97455-1227


Joao Junqueira de Andrade is a partner at Igc since 2016. He has executed and managed
mergers and acquisitions projects in various sectors such as agribusiness, distribution, retail, consumer,
industry, concession, education. Lately, Joao has focused in the agribusiness and distribution segment.
Before joining IGC, Joao has worked in the Brazilian Law Firm Pinheiro Neto where he has
participated in M&A transactions, worked on due diligences and drafted agreements. Joao
has graduated in the University of São Paulo School of Law (Faculdade de Direito do Largo de
São Francisco - USP) and has specialized in Finance by Saint Paul Institute of Finance.