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Oaklins people make the difference

Oaklins Germany does deals differently. As Angermann Group, we pioneered M&A consulting in Germany, closing more than 1,000 deals locally and cross-border since 1953. By merging into Oaklins, the world’s most experienced mid-market M&A advisor, we now have access to 700 professionals globally, actively cooperating in dedicated industry teams in 40 countries.

Oaklins' trusted senior advisors are entrepreneurs who have the skills and experience to ensure the best results for our clients, whether at home or abroad. Oaklins involves industry specialists, takes a global view and leverages our local connections. With clients ranging from private equity firms to internationally listed companies and the German Mittelstand, the Oaklins way is to make a difference for every client.

Apart from pure M&A transactions, Oaklins Germany offers professional advice on international real estate transactions in cooperation with our affiliated company Angermann Investment Advisory AG.

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“Their horticulture specialists from Holland worked seamlessly with the local German team.”
Tobias Dummen, Dummen Group

“They closed over 20 deals in our sector and know all buyers.”
Roel Otten, Omegam Laboratories

“They found the perfect match for our company. The potential is gigantic.”
Simon Stampe, Bloomingville A/S

“They have been outstanding in the management of the sales process.”
Camilla Skovhuus, ELKA Rainwear A/S

“Clear results in a pleasant atmosphere.”
Felix Guttman, Canal Company

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Oaklins Financial Advisory Services

Oaklins people make the difference. Oaklins is a global financial advisory firm, which provides M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance advisory services. Oaklins has 700 professionals in 40 countries in the most relevant economic centers.