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Oaklins' professionals serve the commercial aerospace, military and defense, and space industry market segments with creativity and expertise. We offer extensive A&D buyer relationships, strong presence at leading industry events and dedicated sector research. From start to finish, we are committed to each client’s success. That's the Oaklins way.

Global Deals

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Oaklins Aerospace & Defense Specialists


South Africa, Johannesburg

Yaron Zimbler


Canada, Montreal

Patrice Gauvin

Mexico, Mexico City

Alejandro Rocha

United States, Chicago

Roger Hornsby

United States, Cleveland

Mark A. Filippell

United States, Irvine

Stephen Perry

Asia Pacific

China, Shanghai

Edward Zhu

Japan, Tokyo

Taro Okayama

Thailand, Bangkok

Woranun Thaworanun

Europe and Middle East

Austria, Vienna

Christian Hurek

Belgium, Brussels

Stefan Goethals

Czech Republic, Prague

Milos Cebik

Denmark, Copenhagen

Daniel Sand

Estonia, Tallinn

Heikki Källu

Finland, Helsinki

Claes von Heiroth

France, Paris

Éric Félix-Faure

France, Toulouse

Raphaël Petit

Germany, Hamburg

Hans Bethge

Israel, Tel Aviv

Boaz Levi

Italy, Milan

Federico Cappa

Italy, Turin

Enrico Arietti

Latvia, Riga

Valērija Lieģe

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Robert Boersma

Russia, Moscow

Andrey Zaviyalov

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Saud Al Tassan

Spain, Madrid

Laura Satrústegui

Switzerland, Bern

Juraj Janos

United Kingdom, London

Philip Barker


Reaching for the skies

Aerospace & defense continues to be one of the world’s largest and most important sectors, and the M&A opportunities are on the rise. Oaklins is pleased to be hosting an impressive international event with speakers from top-tier companies in the industry and aerospace M&A advisors.  Join us for an afternoon to learn where the opportunities lie.


French manufacturer of specialty adhesive films sold to leading Dutch multinational paints specialist

DEAL FLASH: Oaklins’ team in France has advised the shareholders of Disa Technology (Disatech) on the sale of the company to AkzoNobel N.V. Disatech will benefit from AkzoNobel’s worldwide reach to address the entire aerospace market, including airlines and MRO. Read more about the transaction, market trends, deal drivers and M&A valuation aspects.  


H2 Equity Partners has successfully invested in Multi Pilot Simulations

Oaklins Netherlands is pleased to announce that H2 Equity Partners invested a majority stake in Multi Pilot Simulations (“MPS” or the “Company”). MPS, founded in 2007, is a groundbreaking manufacturer of fixed-base flight simulators for (airline) pilot training and bridges the gap between the (low-fidelity) traditional fixed-base simulators and the (high-fidelity) full-motion simulators that are currently being offered in the market. The Company integrates more…


Sealing the deal in aerospace, industrial and defense markets

DEAL FLASH:  Oaklins’ team in Cleveland, USA, served as the exclusive financial advisor to CARCO S.R.L. in its acquisition of Polymer Concepts Technologies, Inc. (PCTI). Oaklin’s team provided CARCO with a customized buy-side process, including building a pipeline of candidates, engaging prospects, valuing the businesses, conducting due diligence, negotiations and closing. Read more about the transaction, market trends, deal drivers and M&A valuation aspects.