With firm roots in local soil but with a global presence, we help you discover the most extraordinary opportunities. Oaklins has extensive knowledge of the dynamic and innovative changes occurring in the global agriculture industry. Our team works together to realize premium valuations for our clients in transactions that include global commodity risks, cross-border crop cycles, weather risks, and changing local regulatory environments.

With us as your partner, you're equipped with the agility to navigate market changes, enter creative and powerful new directions, putting you firmly on the path to positive results.


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Agriculture specialists


Morocco, Casablanca

Tarik Britel

South Africa, Johannesburg

Yaron Zimbler


Canada, Montreal

Guillaume Poulin

United States, Dallas

Antoine Marchand

United States, Jacksonville

Doug Kravet

Asia Pacific

Australia, Sydney

Peter Fraser

China, Shanghai

Angela Chen

Japan, Tokyo

Taro Okayama

Europe and Middle East

Austria, Vienna

Thomas Jungreithmeir

Belgium, Brussels

Thomas Roelens

Czech Republic, Prague

David Tajzich

Denmark, Copenhagen

Kim Harpøth Jespersen

Finland, Helsinki

Samuli Siljamäki

France, Paris

Philippe Hermant

Ireland, Dublin

Ted Webb

Israel, Tel Aviv

Boaz Levi

Italy, Turin

Paolo Russo

Latvia, Riga

Jānis Lasmanis

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Frank de Hek

Portugal, Lisbon

João Beirôco

Spain, Madrid

Laura Satrústegui

Switzerland, Basel

David Zürrer

United Kingdom, London

Amanda Phillips

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