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Fernando Herrera


Fernando is a founding partner at Columbus Investment Banking, Oaklins’ member firm in Argentina. He has worked in investment banking since 1992. Among the many transactions he has closed, some recent deals include the acquisition of the Alimesa and Toddy & Zucoa brands by Georgalos, the sale of CMR Falabella’s credit card portfolio and financial advisory to Navent.

Prior to founding Columbus, Fernando was a senior vice president at Citigroup/Citibank and was responsible for the redeployment of the corporate restructuring portfolio generated after the 2001 Argentine crisis. Before this, he was in charge of private equity for Citigroup Argentina and also worked for Citibank/Salomon in New York. Fernando has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Buenos Aires.

 Fernando Herrera
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Work phone
+54 11 5252-4700

Mobile phone
+54 9 11 6156-0535


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