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Food & Beverage

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The food and beverage industry is in the hands of the consumer. Staying relevant to today’s demands requires companies to be true to their story, all the way from product label to acquisition strategy. Our experienced professionals in M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance services around the world can support you in refocusing your brand portfolio, finding the right strategic partners and realizing the most compelling valuation.

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Shades Industries GmbH has completed a valuation process
Food & Beverage | Other Industries

Shades Industries GmbH has completed a valuation process

Shades Industries GmbH has completed a company valuation process.

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Valmiermuižas Alus has sold a 45% stake to ILAG
Food & Beverage | Private Equity

Valmiermuižas Alus has sold a 45% stake to ILAG

The private shareholders of Valmiermuižas Alus have sold a 45% stake in the company to Industrieliegenschaftenverwaltungs AG (ILAG) for an undisclosed consideration.

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A shareholder of Fleischhof Raabtal has completed a buy-out
Food & Beverage

A shareholder of Fleischhof Raabtal has completed a buy-out

An existing shareholder of Fleischhof Raabtal GmbH has acquired a stake in the company from a minority shareholder.

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“As family shareholders, with limited experience in M&A, we decided to appoint Oaklins' team in Belgium to help us in our search for a suitable, long-term partner. The team quickly proved to be a reliable advisor, that speaks the language of us as entrepreneurs, as well as that of financial and strategic investors. In the end they managed to secure a deal that benefits all parties around the table.”

Bert Lodewyckx

CEO, Lodewijckx Group

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TMT sector leads M&A activity

MONTHLY DEAL ACTIVITY: Despite current market conditions, business owners still very much have their sights set on growth and we see M&A play a leading role in this strategy.

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