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Alenty has been acquired by AppNexus

New York-based AppNexus, the technology company that provides trading solutions and powers marketplaces for Internet advertising, has acquired the French company Alenty, the leader in advertising viewability solutions, for US$6 million.

Alenty is a leading provider of ad-viewability solutions offering the best technology available on the market. Its ad-viewability measurement and optimization solutions were awarded the MRC (Media Rating Council) accreditation early in 2014 with outstanding results. "We are looking forward to joining the AppNexus team, which shares our vision and understands the industry’s need for this powerful and relevant technology,” said Laurent Nicolas, co-founder and CEO of Alenty. “Alenty began in France, a center for innovation in Europe, and now we are gaining massive global scale by joining forces with AppNexus. This new relationship signals a huge step forward for the industry as we collectively seek to improve the quality of Internet advertising.”

AppNexus is a technology company that provides trading solutions and powers marketplaces for Internet advertising. The company's unified, and powerful programmatic platform empowers customers to more effectively buy and sell media, allowing them to innovate, differentiate, and transform their businesses. AppNexus serves buyers and sellers of Internet advertising in 53 countries and has an existing office in Paris, as well as nine others around the world, including those in London, Hamburg, Sydney and Singapore. “AppNexus has always stood behind the idea that better advertising creates a better Internet, and solving the issue of viewability is critical to that mission,” said Brian O’Kelley, AppNexus CEO. “In Alenty, we found the top-rated leader in viewability technology, and we plan to make their product a fundamental component of the AppNexus platform.”

Oaklins' team in France, assisted by Oaklins' media specialist team in New York, advised the seller in this transaction.

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