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Costruzioni meccaniche Weingrill has been acquired by a consortium of entrepreneurs

The founding family of Costruzioni meccaniche Ing Zeno Weingrill (Weingrill) has sold the company to a consortium of entrepreneurs.

Weingrill is a manufacturer of mechanical systems, components and screw jacks, mostly for the paper and cardboard industry. It develops and sells stretching and guiding systems, tail cutters and screw jacks mechanical lifting solutions. The company has a stable annual turnover of approximately US$10 million and a remarkable EBITDA of 20–25%.

The owners resolved to sell their business due to the lack of succession.

Oaklins’ team in Italy acted as sell-side advisor in this transaction.


Sprechen Sie mit dem Deal Team

 Giuseppe Maria Bernardo  Puccio

Giuseppe Maria Bernardo Puccio

Mailand, Italien
Oaklins Italy


Zephyr Group has acquired PK OEM Parts
Private Equity | Maschinen- & Anlagenbau, Komponenten | Logistik

Zephyr Group has acquired PK OEM Parts

Zephyr Group has acquired PK OEM Parts. With the entry of PK OEM Parts, Zephyr Group aims to achieve a consolidated turnover of approximately US$65 million in 2023. The acquisition will allow an increase in the services and product range offered to customers by leveraging the group’s know-how and logistical capabilities. Furthermore, the acquisition represents a step forward in the growth and consolidation strategy that Zephyr Group started in 2018 with the acquisition of Spanish competitor SKV.

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R-Concept has been acquired by BioScientific Group
Maschinen- & Anlagenbau, Komponenten | Andere Branchen

R-Concept has been acquired by BioScientific Group

The shareholders of R-Concept have sold the company to BioScientific Group.

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Ecorobotix schliesst Kapitalbeschaffung ab
Landwirtschaft | Automobilindustrie | Maschinen- & Anlagenbau, Komponenten | TMT

Ecorobotix schliesst Kapitalbeschaffung ab

Ecorobotix hat USD 52 Millionen aufgenommen. Das neue Kapital wird es dem Unternehmen ermöglichen, neue Märkte zu erschliessen, seine Produktpalette zu erweitern und auf dem bestehenden Geschäftserfolg von ARA in Europa aufzubauen.

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