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In the aerospace, defense and security industry, the competition for increased control of the supply chain — from OEMs to the aftermarket — is a matter of extremely large consolidations. With deals often reaching billions of dollars, making the right investment choice is crucial. Supported by a dedicated sector research team and long-standing relations within the commercial aerospace, defense and security industries, our experienced M&A professionals can help you find and secure the most lucrative deals, providing you with M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance services.

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Gillis Aerospace has been acquired by the Böllhoff Group
Aerospace, Defense & Security

Gillis Aerospace has been acquired by the Böllhoff Group

In 2020, Gillis Aerospace’s CEO Serge Dumas sold 40% of the capital of his company to the German Group Böllhoff. After gauging the initial interest in the merger, Serge Dumas and the Böllhoff Group wished to accelerate synergies by advancing the whole transfer of the company, initially planned for 2023. The Böllhoff Group became the sole shareholder of Gillis Aerospace on 1 June 2022, and Serge Dumas retains the position of Chief Executive Officer.

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Syrlinks has been acquired by Safran Electronics & Defense
Aerospace, Defense & Security

Syrlinks has been acquired by Safran Electronics & Defense

Syrlinks, a leading NewSpace designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge radio communication and radio navigation solutions, has been acquired by Safran Electronics & Defense.

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TTTech Computertechnik AG has sold Avionics Interface Technologies to Teradyne, Inc.
Aerospace, Defense & Security | Business Support Services | Private Equity

TTTech Computertechnik AG has sold Avionics Interface Technologies to Teradyne, Inc.

TTTech Computertechnik AG has sold its minority stake in Avionics Interface Technologies to Teradyne, Inc. Financial details have not been disclosed.

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“We started this capital restructuring process to strengthen Syrlinks and accelerate our development, especially in the export markets. We have appreciated the expertise, availability and responsiveness of Oaklins’ team in France. This process was quite enriching and intense, so it was important that we were well advised. This partnership with Oaklins in the final phase was decisive for us.”

Gwénaël Guillois and Guy Richard

CEO and President, Syrlinks

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