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Gazebo Penguin Inc. has been acquired by Champlain Financial Corporation

The shareholders of Gazebo Penguin Inc. have sold the company to Champlain Financial Corporation.

Gazebo Penguin is a private company managed by the second generation of the founding family. The company designs, manufactures and distributes outdoor home improvement products such as gazebos, solaria, recreational features (ice skating rinks) and temporary automobile shelters for driveway use. Some manufacturing is outsourced, while certain flagship products are made by the company domestically. Management has been successful in promoting buyer relationships with North American big box stores and other DIY market customers.

Champlain Financial Corporation, a Canadian private holding company based in Montreal, Quebec, operates a private diversified portfolio with a series of investments throughout Canada and the USA. Champlain’s core focus is to serve as a value-added financial partner in providing equity capital and growth management expertise for small and middle-market companies that are ready to grow locally and abroad by providing equity, funding and management expertise. The firm operates in the residential construction products space via three prior acquisitions that manufacture lawn and garden equipment, door and window hardware, and seasonal products sold through major retailers and construction industry suppliers. Gazebo Penguin’s operations will be integrated with the existing residential building products and home improvement platform companies owned by Champlain Financial Corporation.

Oaklins’ team in Dallas and one of our TMT teams in New York advised the owners of Gazebo Penguin as exclusive sell-side bankers in this transaction.

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 Bryan  Livingston

Bryan Livingston

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 David  Graff

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