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Sulzer AG has acquired Krøger A/S

Sulzer AG has acquired the Danish business Krøger A/S, a leading manufacturer of manual and pneumatic caulking guns for any application, for an undisclosed consideration.

This acquisition expands the product portfolio of the business unit Sulzer Mixpac and strengthens its position as a global market leader providing system solutions for mixing and dispensing applications. The Sulzer global operational setup and distribution network will give Krøger access to new geographical areas and market segments.

The integration of the acquired business into Sulzer will begin immediately. All employees will be retained, assuring ongoing customer dedication and quality commitment.

Over the last 50 years, Krøger has developed a leading range of high quality manual, pneumatic and battery driven 1 and 2 component dispensers for numerous industry and construction applications with the well known brand name MK. A joint development with Sulzer for a spray-coating dispenser, opening new growth potential in corrosion protection, has proved to be successful.

Oaklins' teams in Denmark and Switzerland collaborated closely to advise Sulzer throughout the acquisition process.

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 Christian  Leroy

Christian Leroy

Senior Advisor
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Oaklins Beierholm
 Jens  Rutten

Jens Rutten

Zurich, Switzerland
Oaklins Switzerland

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