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The world demands a shift from traditional sources to renewables. However, strong opinions alone are not enough for the energy pendulum to swing. As long as demand is rising on both sides, many global companies need to innovate themselves on two fronts: invest in established infrastructure and streamline resource extraction, but also acquire new technology and refresh their brand. By utilizing their in-depth knowledge and established relationships in global markets, our industry specialists help you keep a strong foothold in today’s demand as well as guide you toward a sustainable future, providing you with M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance services.

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Copenhagen Atomics concludes its 2022 funding round

Copenhagen Atomics concludes its 2022 funding round

Copenhagen Atomics has raised US$21.6 million to accelerate the development of thorium molten salt reactors.

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Bach Composite Industry A/S has been acquired by Odin Equity Partners
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Bach Composite Industry A/S has been acquired by Odin Equity Partners

The private shareholder of Bach Composite Industry A/S has sold the company, with 30% reinvestment, to Odin Equity Partners. Financial details have not been disclosed.

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“This funding will accelerate our technology development and support our roadmap towards commercial reactors online in 2028. Copenhagen Atomics has continued to focus on developing thorium reactors for mass manufacturing and very low cost energy.”

Thomas Jam Pedersen

Co-founder, Copenhagen Atomics

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QUARTERLY INSIGHTS: Our latest insights showcase sectors thriving in the evolving business landscape, from mobility and agriculture to European HR services.

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