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Elaine Riddell

Managing Director

Elaine is a managing director at Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips in New York. She has deep operational expertise in the insights industry supporting healthcare and, in particular, life sciences as well as consumer-driven sectors and on a global basis. Elaine brings an understanding of the disruptive market dynamics shaping these industries and influencing M&A priorities and spending. This highly relevant market knowledge has enabled Oaklins’ insights team to be invited to pitch and to win a majority of these new pitches.

Prior to joining Oaklins DeSilva+Phillips in 2020, Elaine was a divisional CEO for 15 years at NOPWorld Health, a unit of UBM, and then of GfK, TNS Healthcare and Kantar Health. She is recognized for transforming mature, stagnant, global data, analytics and insights firms into high-performing, scalable market leaders with sustained, profitable revenue growth at three times the market rate. Elaine draws on her experience at Abbott Labs (now AbbVie), a top 10 pharmaceutical company, and IMS Health (now IQVIA), the leading multinational health information and technology firm. This experience formed the foundation of her growth advisory serving founder/CEOs and private equity firms, and now her contribution to M&A advisory and successful outcomes.

 Elaine Riddell
New York, United States


Work phone
+1 212-651-2562


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