Our passion for the energy industry has provided us with the experience to guide you through every twist and turn of the deal process, and the expertise to stay ahead of the curve. Oaklins' professionals have completed numerous game-changing transactions in a wide variety of energy sectors due to our solid local market knowledge and presence across the industrialized world. Our strong industry relationships have helped our clients realize premium valuations in local and cross-border M&A transactions.

For us, it's not just about getting it done, it's about making it great.


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Morocco, Casablanca

Tarik Britel

South Africa, Johannesburg

Yaron Zimbler


Canada, Montreal

Pierre B. Lafrenière

Mexico, Mexico City

Alejandro Rocha

United States, Dallas

Paul Puri

United States, New York

Jonathan I. Mishkin

Asia Pacific

Australia, Sydney

Paul Young

China, Shanghai

Angela Chen

Japan, Tokyo

Taro Okayama

Singapore, Singapore

Gerald Ong

Europe and Middle East

Austria, Vienna

Thomas Regitschnig

Belgium, Brussels

Bart Delusinne

Czech Republic, Prague

Milos Cebik

Denmark, Copenhagen

Christian Leroy

Estonia, Tallinn

Heikki Källu

Finland, Helsinki

Claes von Heiroth

France, Paris

Nathaniel Amsellem

Germany, Frankfurt

Martin Kanjuh

Ireland, Dublin

Laurence O'Shaughnessy

Israel, Tel Aviv

Boaz Levi

Italy, Turin

Davide Eugenio Milano

Latvia, Riga

Jānis Lasmanis

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Frank de Hek

Norway, Oslo

Nikolai K. Lunde

Romania, Bucharest

Daniela Secara

Russia, Moscow

Alexander Amosov

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Maheur Mourali

Slovakia, Bratislava

Lukáš Palaščák

Slovenia, Ljubljana

Vlado Jančič

Spain, Madrid

José Falgás

Switzerland, Bern

Anna Miriam Lucek

United Kingdom, London

Amanda Phillips

United Kingdom, London

Michael Jewell

Recent Oaklins news

Major investment in a renewable energy power plant in Canada

DEAL FLASH: Oaklins’ team in Canada has advised Les Industries JPB on a minority equity sale and on the debt financing plan to build a new power plant. The new cogeneration plant will use contaminated lumber for its fuel, transforming waste into energy, and will benefit from recent legislative reforms. Read more about the transaction, market trends, deal drivers and M&A valuation aspects.


Mithril GmbH sells global Solar Energy to Hanergy

Oaklins HFG China and Deutsche Mittelstandsfinanz acted as corner financial advisors to Mithril GmbH, a German family office, representing 100 percent of shares in a sale of Global Solar Energy, Inc. (Global Solar) to Hanergy. Founded in 1996, Global Solar is a colonize of a solar industry. The association is a universe heading manufacturer for a full-scale prolongation of CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium diSelenide) light-weight,…