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Oaklins' professionals understand competitive pressures and globalization trends. We’ve helped various multinational companies refocus historically wide brand portfolios by divesting marginal or non-core businesses. Our expertise, global relationships and creativity help our clients successfully identify the right strategic partners to realize premium valuations. That's the Oaklins way.

Global Deals

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Oaklins Food & Beverage Specialists


South Africa, Johannesburg

Yaron Zimbler

Morocco, Casablanca

Tarik Britel


Canada, Montreal

Sebastien Nadeau

Mexico, Mexico City

Bernardo Gutiérrez Cortina

United States, Atlanta

James S. Grien

United States, Boston

Craig M. Gibson

United States, Chicago

Arthur J. Lyman

United States, Cleveland

David D. Dunstan

United States, Jacksonville

Doug Kravet

United States, New York

Paul R. Smolevitz

United States, Seattle

Thomas Elzey

Asia Pacific

Australia, Sydney

Peter Fraser

China, Hong Kong

Adrian Bradbury

China, Shanghai

Angela Chen

Japan, Tokyo

Taro Okayama

Singapore, Singapore

Alistair Burgoyne

Thailand, Bangkok

Giang Tran Thuy

Europe and Middle East

Austria, Vienna

Thomas Jungreithmeir

Belgium, Brussels

Thomas Roelens

Croatia, Zagreb

Željko Perić

Czech Republic, Prague

Oliver Polyák

Denmark, Copenhagen

Frederik Aakard

Estonia, Tallinn

Lauri Isotamm

Finland, Helsinki

Inna Manko

France, Paris

Philippe Hermant

Germany, Hamburg

Florian von Alten

Ireland, Dublin

Raymond Donegan

Israel, Tel Aviv

Boaz Levi

Italy, Milan

Marco A. Vismara

Latvia, Riga

Valērija Lieģe

Lithuania, Vilnius

Karolis Pocius

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Oscar van Leeuwen

Norway, Oslo

Bjørn Campbell Pedersen

Poland, Warsaw

Maciej Szalaj

Russia, Moscow

Alexey Bykov

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Saud Al Tassan

Slovakia, Bratislava

Miroslav Hilčík

Slovenia, Ljubljana

Jure Jelerčič

Spain, Madrid

José Antonio Martín de los Santos

Sweden, Gothenburg

Sven-Åke Lewin

Sweden, Stockholm

Adel Koubaa

Switzerland, Zurich

Jens Rutten

Turkey, Istanbul

Levent Bosut

United Kingdom, London

Brian Livingston

United Kingdom, London

Jonathan Buxton


SPOT ON Healthy Food

MARKET INTELLIGENCE ON A GROWING AND TRANSFORMING SEGMENT: The first edition of  SPOT ON – Healthy food zooms in on the factors driving M&A growth in the industry and more specifically in the four player categories we identified: Fresh fruits and vegetables, functional foods, organic foods and specialized retailers. You will find an overview of…


Selling to a bottling partner

FOOD & BEVERAGE DEAL FLASH: Oaklins’ team in Italy has advised Sanpellegrino, a Nestlé company, on the sale of its Recoaro mineral water brand, business and assets to the Dutch listed group Refresco. The transaction also included a co-packing agreement for three of Sanpellegrino’s branded products. Read more about the transaction, market trends, deal drivers…


Sale of controlling stake in Australian health food retailer

FOOD & BEVERAGE DEAL FLASH: Oaklins’ team in Australia has advised the owners of Healthy Life Group on the sale of a controlling stake in the company to Allegro Funds. This is a perfectly timed transaction, with an increasing trend towards healthy foods and wellness coupled with the opportunity provided by the selldown of a…


Marco Vismara was named “Food Professional of the Year” by

Marco Vismara, one of our Italian partners and our Head of the Food & Beverage Industry Group, was named “Food Professional of the Year”.  The motivation of the Award was “A professional that is gaining an increasing personal recognition in this industry, and is also building the brand name and the reputation of his team”….


A game-changer in the Italian dairy business

FOOD & BEVERAGE DEAL FLASH: Oaklins’ team in Italy advised Sabelli SpA to acquire Trevisanalat SpA from Alto Partners S.G.R. Trevisanalat SpA is a leading Italian dairy company active in the production of private label and its own branded mozzarella cheese products. They advised the buyer throughout the process, from the analysis of the opportunity…


Alcoholic beverages

FOOD & BEVERAGE DEAL FLASH:  Oaklins’ teams in the Netherlands and in Germany advised Royal Dirkzwager in the sale of a selection of liquor brands to Nordbrand Nordhausen GmbH. The selected brands include Asmussen and Boddel, two of the oldest rum brands in Germany; Fläminger Jagd and Jagd Hütte, traditional German herb liqueurs; and Balle,…