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With new and groundbreaking technology constantly challenging the status quo, the healthcare industry is progressing by leaps and bounds. But in an industry built on regulations, strategic partnerships are often the key to successfully developing businesses. Our passionate advisors, backed by sub-sector teams globally, use their deep expertise in M&A, growth equity and ECM, debt advisory and corporate finance services to find your competitive edge, navigate local customs and help you create the most suitable strategy.

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Laboratoire Pierre Caron has been acquired by Frédéric Herlin and UI Gestion
Consumer & Retail | Food & Beverage | Healthcare

Laboratoire Pierre Caron has been acquired by Frédéric Herlin and UI Gestion

Jean-Christophe Caron, founder of Laboratoire Pierre Caron, has sold the company to Frédéric Herlin, backed by UI Gestion and Back to Basics.

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“With the help of Oaklins, we are thrilled to join forces and offer a critical mass of credible and efficient alternative to the big CROs. We are proud to be a unique European player in the field. Our partnerships with the pharma, other CROs and independent experts play a key role in driving improvements in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, delivering better data to regulators as well as improved value to study sponsors. Oaklins' team gave us fantastic support in a complex transaction.”

Serge Richard


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Knowledge is an anchor in volatile times I Q2

M&A and finding the right source of funding can play a significant role in accelerating recovery. Discover how we have collaborated closely, helping entrepreneurs and companies get a grip on the current situation and reach their full potential.

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