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With decades of experience, we are dedicated to your industry. Our professionals understand that the markets for industrial machinery and highly engineered automation processes is evolving rapidly. Our insights into the role technology plays on a global stage has helped local niche players expand cross-border, and larger groups consolidate their worldwide assets.

Our passion and creativity realizes extraordinary valuations.


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Industrial Machinery & Components specialists


South Africa, Johannesburg

Yaron Zimbler


Canada, Montreal

Denis Chaurette

United States, Boston

Jerome S. Romano

United States, Cleveland

Mark A. Filippell

United States, New York

Jonathan I. Mishkin

Asia Pacific

China, Shanghai

Jeremy Jin

Japan, Tokyo

Taro Okayama

Europe and Middle East

Austria, Vienna

Thomas Regitschnig

Belgium, Brussels

Stefan Goethals

Czech Republic, Prague

Oliver Polyák

Denmark, Copenhagen

Daniel Sand

Estonia, Tallinn

Heikki Källu

Finland, Helsinki

Claes von Heiroth

France, Paris

Hadrien Mollard

Germany, Hamburg

Florian von Alten

Israel, Tel Aviv

Boaz Levi

Italy, Milan

Michele Manetti

Latvia, Riga

Valērija Lieģe

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Fokko Poldervaart

Norway, Oslo

Nikolai K. Lunde

Portugal, Lisbon

João Beirôco

Russia, Moscow

Andrey Zaviyalov

Spain, Madrid

José Falgás

Switzerland, Zurich

Jürg Stucker

United Kingdom, London

James Ellis

United Kingdom, London

Philip Barker

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Setting US chemical distributor apart from its competitors

DEAL FLASH: HB Chemical Inc., one of North America’s largest independent distributors of specialty chemicals, has been acquired by Ravago Group. Oaklins’ team in Cleveland acted as the exclusive financial advisor in this transactions. The team in Belgium handled the initial outreach with Ravago. “We ran a highly strategic process on a global basis that highlighted how HB Chemical is truly a leader in the…


IAS moves from side stage to hotspot for investors

SPOT ON INTEGRATED ASSEMBLY SOLUTIONS:  With Industry 4.0 focusing investors’ attention on the rapidly growing IAS market, Oaklins’ specialist Martin Steidle analyzes the technological, operational and globalization trends driving the sector towards its next phase of disruptive and intelligent automation. Who are the most active players with an IAS M&A strategy? We map the global flow of transactions and provide key insights into the rationale…


Expansion through an excellent strategic fit

DEAL FLASH: Dormer Pramet, a division of Sandvik Machining Solutions, has acquired Wetmore Tool & Engineering, a US-based manufacturer specialized in round tools for the aerospace industry. Oaklins’ teams in Sweden and Cleveland advised on this transaction. This acquisition expands Dormer Pramet’s range of round tools and facilitates an improved position in key aerospace markets. “This transaction further demonstrates Oaklins’ ability to leverage its global…


Ambition at the center of all motion

DEAL FLASH: Spindel- und Lagerungstechnik Fraureuth GmbH, a renowned German manufacturer of premium-class specialty bearings and machine spindles, has been sold to Avedon Capital Partners. Oaklins’ team in Germany advised  on the sale of the business. “This sale process attracted many national and international bidders. Our client finally chose Avedon because of their sector knowledge, their proven capability to expand the business internationally and their…


Building a global leader in automation solutions

DEAL FLASH: Oaklins’ industry specialist teams in Germany, the USA and Canada identified potential targets and advised JENOPTIK AG on the acquisition of Prodomax Automation Ltd. With this transaction, JENOPTIK strengthens its position as a full-service turnkey provider of complex automated manufacturing solutions, while Prodomax will benefit from JENOPTIK’s extensive expertise in efficient, precise and safe 3D laser processing, a technology that becomes ever more…