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A New Vision for How Organizations Can Use M&A to Adapt to a Post-Pandemic Economy

COVID-19 not only impacted M&A by increasing the volume of deals to unprecedented levels, but it changed how and why deals are getting done as well.


Download the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report sponsored by Oaklins to understand these fast-changing dynamics and leverage M&A demand as a buyer or seller based on a survey of nearly 500 executives from across all geographies.

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services – Pulse report
The pandemic exposed striking differences in companies’ abilities to withstand crises. Those with scale were far better positioned. Scale became a factor in everything from deploying new technology to addressing labor shortages and supply chain issues. As buyers pursued increased scale through M&A, many mid-market companies saw this as an opportunity to sell at record-level valuations. Joanna Herman, Partner, Oaklins, New York

You will learn:

  • How companies are using M&A to become more equipped to sustain future crises and to adapt their businesses to the post-pandemic economy.
  • Why private equity buyers have become more willing to focus on growth and pay higher multiples for it, while strategic buyers appear more proactive in their M&A approach and aggressive in their valuations.
  • What new financing models you can consider, such as special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs)
  • How you can best benefit from current and future M&A trends, enabling your company to create significant strategic advantages and wealth creation for many years to come.

Download the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report

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