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While the building industry has historically been slow to adapt to new technology, the development has accelerated in the last decade and builders no longer need to rely purely on human labor and the number of hours worked. Technological advancements are applicable all along the value chain and are ensuring that this dynamic industry is now able to complete projects in shorter time frames, with lower costs and higher margins thanks to stock control, re-ordering capabilities and the ability to collect and monitor data.

The practicality of the technology extends to increasing on-site safety via wearable devices, security by using biometrics to control site access, and maintenance to help regulate energy consumption and waste.

We explore the key drivers behind the increased buildtech uptake in buildings and on construction sites worldwide and the potential benefits from introducing technology across the building materials value chain. We believe the increasing use of buildtech will only accelerate and will remain a key focus for investment and M&A for years to come. BRIAN LIVINGSTON, BUILDING MATERIALS SPECIALIST

To find out more about the situation in the local building materials market and to learn more on the COVID-19 impact on the industry, we spoke with Chairman of the Council at Sakret, Mr. Andris Vanags.

The key challenge for us is cyclicality. I do not mean this solely for Sakret, but more for the Baltics, and especially for the Latvian economy. It is important that we plan and use the available funds responsibly – we must invest in infrastructure in places where it matters, where people are willing to live and investors want to invest. ANDRIS VANAGS, CHAIRMAN OF THE COUNCIL AT SAKRET HOLDINGS

In this Spot On, we take a look at the acquisition of Carlsen Fritzøe Handel AS, the Norway-based leader in the building materials retail sector, by Byggmakker Handel, the Norwegian subsidiary of the Finnish retailer conglomerate Kesko, helping cement Kesko’s market position in Norway.

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