Oaklins enters Cyprus with a widely publicized event

An event in Nicosia on September 27 dedicated to the M&A market marked the start of Oaklins’ work in Cyprus

Valērija Lieģe, Oaklins Global Executive Committee Representative and a Partner at Oaklins Baltics and Dinos Constantinou, Oaklins Partner in Cyprus, organized a launch event in Nicosia on the 27th of September, dedicated to the M&A market and marking the start of Oaklins’ work in Cyprus. Specialized solutions for international mergers and acquisitions were presented, and the event was attended by industry experts and Cypriot business professionals.

 The idea of bringing Oaklins to Cyprus was a result of a deal closed in Cyprus in 2023, where Oaklins Baltics worked with local investors from the Baltics and helped them acquire a company in Cyprus. During the process it became obvious that many companies in Cyprus require support of M&A specialists, of which there was a clear shortage. Valērija Lieģe, Oaklins Global Executive Committee Representative and a Partner at Oaklins Baltics

Oaklins Baltics has already begun collaborating with the leading companies in Cyprus, working on investor attraction and potential full exits. Various companies in the Baltics have also expressed interest in the possibility of establishing their European headquarters in Cyprus.


 Dinos Constantinou, Oaklins Partner responsible for Cyprus development, gave a presentation on the M&A potential of Cyprus and the opportunities and prospects for Cypriot companies. Constantinou said the majority of Cypriot companies are either privately owned or family-run businesses and are characterized by over-indebtedness and weak financial management. Listing a number of examples of M&As in other countries, Constantinou said that competition from overseas corporations coming to Cyprus will force local companies to become active in M&A.


Dr Jürg Stucker, Global Executive Committee Member at Oaklins International and Partner at Oaklins Switzerland, took part in the event too and gave a presentation “Selling a Business With Excellence”, where he talked about the ways of managing a business so that it can be sold at any time.

Preparing for an exit M&A transaction, whether from the owner's perspective or at the company level, requires careful planning and execution. Dr Jürg Stucker, Global Executive Committee Member at Oaklins International and Partner at Oaklins Switzerland

Stucker urged businesses thinking of selling up to conduct a thorough review of their personal financial situation and consult with experts to understand the tax implications and legal considerations of the sale.


Valērija Lieģe presented Oaklins’ specialized solutions and laid out the reasons that make Oaklins stand out in its sector. She mentioned that Oaklins counts 6,500 deals in its portfolio as well as 500+ live mandates, while over 50% of its transactions are cross-border, which is crucial as it means Oaklins has the potential to bring even more foreign investors to Cyprus.

Cyprus has only allowed foreign investments since it joined the EU in 2004 and has since experienced several crises. Until recently, it also had reputational issues due to its close and amicable relationship with Russia, but this has evolved and changed in the last two years. “Now that the situation is significantly different and Cyprus has become one of the few growing economies in Europe, we see great potential for cooperation with local businesses and foreign investors," Lieģe concludes.

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