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Monthly deal activity I February 2023

Our February deal activity followed a similar pace to what we saw in the first month of 2023 with 14 transactions closed, of which 13 were M&A deals and one was fundraising, covering a wide range of industries. More than half of these transactions were cross-border deals, indicating a continuing interest in global expansion.

While M&A activity in 2023 is expected to be subdued, especially in the first half of the year due to market volatility, interest rate hikes and economic uncertainty, experienced dealmakers understand that slowdowns and downturns can present unique opportunities to reshape industries.


So now is a good the time for business owners and M&A executives to review their M&A roadmaps, accelerate their decision-making, scrutinize their competitors, and identify where and how they can use M&A to accelerate or scale innovation, transform their industry and contribute to their longer-term success.

As you can read in the testimonials below, the support and guidance of professionals to help you get a grip on the current situation and anticipate the impact of changes in your sector and global markets will put you in good stead for getting the best outcome possible.

A selection of deals closed in February

The team at Oaklins Germany made the decisive contribution to this successful transaction with their M&A experience. I am very grateful to have had them on board during this important phase of my entrepreneurial life. With Oaklins’ support, we were able to find the best partner for the future of the company and successfully complete my succession in a speedy process. I am relieved and convinced that this partnership will benefit employees and customers alike. GÜLTEN BOCKHOLDT, SHAREHOLDER, BOCKHOLDT GMBH & CO. KG
We look forward to becoming part of a larger, internationally leading technology and industrial company that supplies innovation, technology and equipment to aquaculture customers – along the entire Norwegian coast and globally. JON ANDERS LEIKVOLL, CEO, MASKON AS
Joining forces with MagiCAD opens up new opportunities for EQUA. We expect our new partner to help us move simulation from expert to mainstream, and that design and refurbishment decisions will be increasingly driven by science rather than tradition and fear of undersizing. With a significant minority ownership still in the company, we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to capitalize on Glodon’s existing platform to increase the reach of our solutions within energy optimization and simulation. I am impressed by Oaklins’ dedication and methodical work, which resulted in a deal exceeding expectations. PER SAHLIN, CEO AND FOUNDER, EQUA SIMULATION AB
As specialists in mechanical engineering, building technology, and energy and supply technology, when we decided to sell the company, I very quickly decided that we needed support from an expert on board. Oaklins was an important partner throughout the entire process, as they spoke our language and had the necessary experience. This was the only way we could find the best possible candidate to take over our business alongside our day-to-day activity, and together we were able to achieve our goal. We are very grateful for the excellent work of the Oaklins team. THOMAS BLAß, MANAGING PARTNER, BBS GEBÄUDETECHNIK GMBH
After nearly 20 years of successfully operating and developing the strong market position of DierenDokters, we look forward to further accelerating the company’s growth path alongside VetPartners as our new partner. Throughout the entire process, Oaklins’ deep industry experience and contacts, together with their pragmatic and result-oriented approach, has helped us find the best possible partner for DierenDokters that aligns with our values. JEROEN DREUW AND MAICO BOUMANS, FORMER SHAREHOLDERS AND CO-FOUNDERS, DIERENDOKTERS

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