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The pandemic has changed so many aspects of our working and private lives. Everything that could move online, did – think of remote working, homeschooling, virtual healthcare, ordering groceries and restaurant food online, taking sports classes, etc. The list goes on and on. Many of the changes in consumer behavior and business models will persist, and so will the need to act quickly and adjust course along the way.


Global M&A activity is currently at an all-time high as companies turn to M&A to gain access to new technologies or technical capabilities, grow market share, increase sales, and/or stay ahead in the post-pandemic world.


If you are a business owner or CEO looking for additional support, we have the professional resources to enable you to position your company for growth.


Today, we want to share with you how we have collaborated closely — across borders, teams, industries and markets — to help entrepreneurs and companies get a grip on the current situation and reach their full potential.

Global deal highlights

BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES I UK employee engagement solutions provider secures majority investment

Oaklins Cavendish, based in the UK, advised Xexec on the sale of a majority stake to Castik Capital and Abry Partners. Read more.

BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES I Expanding capabilities for financial institutions

Oaklins’ team in Spain supported Grupo BC throughout the process, from the initial identification of the opportunity until the closing of the transaction. Read more.

AEROSPACE & DEFENSE I Defense technology business soars to new heights

Oaklins Smith & Williamson, based in the UK, with further support from Oaklins’ A&D specialist in California, worked with the shareholders of TMD to deliver a successful sale to CPI. Read more.

FINANCIAL SERVICES I UK later life lending expert sells minority stake to leading mutual insurer

Oaklins Cavendish, based in the UK, advised Responsible Group on the sale of a 30% minority stake to Royal London. Read more.

CONSUMER & RETAIL I A hidden champion in a fast-growing business

Oaklins’ team in Italy acted as the financial advisor to the Indulti family in this transaction, which will enable ATK Sports to maintain its leadership position in the industry and to become a global player. Read more.

INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY & COMPONENTS I Continued internationalization with a financial sponsor

Oaklins’ team in Italy assisted the shareholders of Zephyr Group as the exclusive financial advisor. The marine equipment specialist team in Italy and the Netherlands initiated the project and supported the transaction during the identification of and contact with potential buyers. Read more.

CONSUMER & RETAIL I Rapid growth through numerous acquisitions in Europe

Oaklins’ team in Germany acted as the exclusive M&A advisor and supported the shareholders of Werner Lott Kfz- und Industriebedarf GmbH throughout the entire sale process. In an internationally structured process tailored to the wishes of the sellers, The Platform Group was able to assert itself as the optimal strategic partner. Read more.

INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY & COMPONENTS I Expanding capabilities in the tooling industry

Oaklins’ team in Cleveland, which has extensive experience with tooling companies, served as the exclusive financial advisor to Abrasive Technology in this transaction. The client instructed them to focus on a small group of targeted buyers; therefore, the approached only 17 buyers. In addition, they worked with the Oaklins teams in France and Sweden. Read more.

Global insights publications

FOOD & BEVERAGE I Plant-based proteins are becoming increasingly popular

MARKET OVERVIEW AND M&A ACTIVITY: Around the world, the plant-based food market is enjoying dynamic growth and rising demand. This report looks in detail at the global plant-based protein market, its key drivers and challenges, and provides an overview of M&A activity and valuation trends. Read more.

OTHER INDUSTRIES I The future role of hydrogen in the HVAC sector

HVAC SPOT ON: Could hydrogen prove to be key to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050? Oaklins’ HVAC specialist Philip Barker reports on the current state of the hydrogen market, looking at the positive features of this energy source and how it is effecting change in the wider sector, especially in HVAC, as well as the obstacles it faces in entering the mainstream. Read more.

AGRICULTURE I Agriculture’s strong appetite for growth attracts M&A

ORGANIC & SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE SPOT ON: In the summer, Oaklins held a webinar to explore the trends and opportunities in this market. The panel of six Oaklins advisors, each with specialized expertise in a segment of the global agriculture market, examined the major factors that are shaping agribusiness and the key role of M&A as the sector redefines its objectives. Read more.

TMT | Oaklins closed a record-breaking 42 Technology M&A deals YTD 2021

TMT M&A UPDATE AUGUST 2020: Since the beginning of the year, investors have returned to the M&A market with a huge appetite to grow further through mergers and acquisitions activities. This is especially true for the TMT industry due to the strong shift to digitalization in all aspects of our life. The increased number of transactions in the TMT sector demonstrates this boost quite impressively. Read more.

CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING SERVICES I Talking clearly: private equity and debt in the flat glass industry

GLASS PROCESSING AND FINISHING SPOT ON: In our latest Spot On exploring the flat glass industry, Valērija Liege, Oaklins’ glass processing and finishing specialist, provides an overview of market trends, looking in particular at the key role played by PE in recent transactions in the sector. Read more.

BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES I Human Resources services during COVID-19, and what’s here to stay

HUMAN RESOURCES SPOT ON: Tom Van de Meirssche, Oaklins’ Human Resources Europe specialist, takes a look at trends that have emerged or consolidated in the market in the past year or so, considers the opportunities for M&A in human resources going forward, and reviews recent transactions and valuation trends. Read more.

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