The future role of hydrogen in the HVAC sector

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In the urgent race towards achieving the goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, hydrogen looks set to play a significant role thanks to its versatility and efficiencies. In our latest Spot On, Philip Barker, Oaklins’ HVAC specialist, assesses how hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels may prove to be a serious option for replacing fossil fuels, and the impact they’re having on the wider energy sector, particularly in HVAC.

Hydrogen has the potential to be the solution for a cleaner future. It’s pleasing to see the increased activity in the sector as leading players bet on hydrogen as a key component of their future models. We expect this trend to continue driving developments in the market. In this newsletter we evaluate the pros and cons of hydrogen, and how the race towards a goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 is powering rapid evolution in the energy sector, particularly in HVAC, and what this means for the future. PHILIP BARKER, HVAC SPECIALIST, OAKLINS

We also consider M&A activity in the green hydrogen sector, where recent transactions show an upturn in opportunities and interest, although this market can be a challenging one for investors. Our case study in this issue looks in detail at the global cooperation between FISCHER Fuel Cell Compressor and WEICHAI Power Company Limited, which has been agreed by FISCHER Spindle Group AG.


Finally, we review historical multiples in various global regions to get an insight into selected public company valuation trends.

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