IAS moves from side stage to hotspot for investors

Integrated Assembly Solutions (IAS) Spot On

With Industry 4.0 focusing investors’ attention on the rapidly growing IAS market, Oaklins’ specialist Martin Steidle analyzes the technological, operational and globalization trends driving the sector towards its next phase of disruptive and intelligent automation. Who are the most active players with an IAS M&A strategy?

Well established in automotive production, integrated assembly and testing lines are becoming increasingly important success factors in more and more industries. They will be powerful generators of data for key IIoT applications. MARTIN STEIDLE OAKLINS INTEGRATED ASSEMBLY SOLUTIONS SPECIALIST

We map the global flow of transactions and provide key insights into the rationale behind the most relevant deals of recent years.

An analysis of the investors’ country of origin shows that between 2013 and 2018 Germany was the most active with 26 closed relevant transactions, followed by China with 21 and North America with 17.

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