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Private equity specialist Frank de Hek shares key industry knowledge from some of Oaklins’ sector experts. Our 800 region- and sector-specific advisors are currently collaborating on over 500 active M&A mandates, working across borders to provide the leading private equity funds with tremendous deal flow and ensuring that local expertise reaches its global potential.

With more competition for private equity deals than ever before, firms need trusted advisors who have relationships with the most strategic targets and buyers for their portfolio companies. At Oaklins, we have 800 mid-market M&A professionals in every key global financial center, giving our clients true industry- and region-specific expertise, an extensive C-level contact network and in-depth knowledge of M&A opportunities. As you will see from this newsletter, our competitive advantage — the ability to deliver significant, high-quality, sector-specific deal flow — is also our clients’ competitive advantage. FRANK DE HEK OAKLINS PRIVATE EQUITY SPECIALIST

Deal story: a rare combination

We explain how Best Version Media (BVM) publications turned the traditional magazine business model on its head, attracting strong attention from both strategic and private equity buyers. Winning bidder Bertram Capital tells us why the unique capabilities it brought to the table will create even more growth opportunities.

We are thrilled to partner with Bertram Capital. Not only do they understand our company’s differentiated approach to media and marketing, but they also bring a wealth of relevant capabilities, including Bertram Labs. BVM is one of the fastest-growing private companies in Wisconsin and among the fastest-growing publishing companies in the United States. Through our partnership with Bertram, we will be well-positioned to accelerate our growth. DAVE DURAND CEO, BEST VERSION MEDIA, USA

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We also look at three compelling reasons to cultivate an interest in the still-fragmented agriculture sector.

Oaklins advisors featured in this publication

Frank de hek
Frank de Hek Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Reed phillips
Reed Phillips III New York, United States
CEO and Managing Partner
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