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Our Marketing Data & Insights’ specialist Ken Sonenclar explains why key industry players have their heads in cloud-based data technology, citing recent high-value acquisitions of data analytics startups as a strong indicator of the MD&I sector’s future direction. In the race to take advantage of technological changes in the data-to-insights ecosystem, companies built solely on traditional data sources risk becoming industry dinosaurs in MD&I’s rapid evolution.

This issue of what was the Spot On Market Research newsletter comes to you not only with a fresh and attractive new design, but with a brand new name: Marketing Data & Insights. What's behind the change? Quite simply the recognition that a technology revolution has upended the placid world of market research. A tsunami of disruption is washing over the industry, leaving both damage and opportunity in its wake. We intend to cover it all — through the dealmaker's lens, of course — in the coming issues and years. KEN SONENCLAR MANAGING DIRECTOR OAKLINS NEW YORK, USA

We also look at why the addition of a fifth P to the traditional four Ps marketing model could prove critical for brand marketers and the marketing insight providers who drive their decision-making.

Oaklins Marketing Data & Insights specialists

Ken sonenclar 0
Ken Sonenclar New York, United States
Managing Director
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John matthews
John Matthews New York, United States
Managing Director
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