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Laure and Amaya de Gorostarzu, the founders and owners of L’Atelier d’Amaya, a French jewelry brand based in Bordeaux, have sold a majority stake in the company to Vendis Capital, an independent private equity firm dedicated to European consumer brands.

More than ten years after the beginning of the L’Atelier d’Amaya adventure, we wanted to move forward and accelerate our development. Thanks to Oaklins, we were able to meet renowned investors in France and abroad, most of whom showed strong motivation to support us. We are now delighted to write a new page in the history of our brand with Vendis Capital, whose experience and involvement will be a real asset to our successful development in France and Europe. AMAYA DE GOROSTARZU, CO-FOUNDER AND CEO, L’ATELIER D’AMAYA, FRANCE 

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