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GPF Capital, a private equity fund focused on investment in Spanish SNEs, has acquired Quimi Romar R.L.U. from Realza Capital and the founding family.

Quimi Romar’s new professionalized and highly committed management team has boosted the company’s recent outstanding performance, having carried out a productivity transformation process to increase its international presence and introduce new sales channels.

We are looking forward to seeing how GPF Capital develops the next stage of the project initiated with the integration process of both Quimi Romar and another Spanish target acquired simultaneously, capitalizing on this opportunity to pursue a consolidation process in this sector. JOSE FALGAS, PARTNER, OAKLINS, SPAIN

Oaklins found the best partner to develop the business

Oaklins’ team in Spain provided strategic advisory services during a competitive auction process, acting as the exclusive financial advisor to Quimi Romar’s shareholders.

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