A successful buy-and-build story in the food ingredients sector

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AromataGroup, a leading Italian player in the food ingredients sector, has acquired Nactis Flavours S.A., a French producer of aromatic raw materials, ingredients and flavors for the food & beverage industry.


The combined entity will be renamed Nactarome Group. With its international presence and broad product portfolio, the group will become a benchmark in the European natural food ingredients market.

The completion of the Nactis deal took years, from beginning to completion, for many reasons that were mostly out of our control. Oaklins’ team in Italy accompanied us in this process – from the initial contact to closing – with professionalism, patience and many proactive proposals. Without their cooperation, the deal would never have happened.  HANS UDO WENZEL, PRESIDENT & CEO, AROMATAGROUP, ITALY 

Oaklins found the best partner to develop the business

Oaklins´ food & beverage team in Italy assisted the shareholders of AromataGroup throughout the acquisition process. Oaklins had assisted AromataGroup in previous acquisitions, in line with the group’s buy-and-build strategy.

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