Sale of a pioneer in alternative student transportation

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ALC Schools, LLC, a leader in alternative student transportation, and Red Rock Technology, LLC have been acquired by Palladium Equity Partners, LLC.

Driven by changing demographics and socioeconomic trends, demand for non-school bus solutions for alternative student populations is growing rapidly.

While we are intently focused on using technology solutions to efficiently and safely transport more than 12,000 students to and from school each day, ALC’s core values center on meeting the unique needs of each student, parent and school district. GREGG PRETTYMAN, COO, ALC SCHOOLS, LLC, USA

Oaklins found the best partner to develop the business

Oaklins’ team in Los Angeles acted as the exclusive financial advisor to American Logistics on the sale of ALC Schools and Red Rock Technology.

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Gary rabishaw
Gary S. Rabishaw Los Angeles, United States
Managing Director
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Jonathan zucker
Jonathan Zucker Los Angeles, United States
Managing Director
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